22 May 2019

Myths About Halal Lifestyle

What comes to your mind whenever you hear the word Halal? Maybe the Islamic religion comes into the picture or all you can think about is Halal food. You are not alone because there are a lot of misconceptions about the whole idea of a halal lifestyle. In case you have forgotten, a halal lifestyle is for those who want to lead a life that is driven by values. In simple terms, Halal means allowed or permissible in a given environment. Sometimes what you consider cool might not be allowable in other countries. Most people prefer using Halal friendly when they are describing different aspects of a halal lifestyle. The following are some of the myths that surround the topic of a halal lifestyle

It is for Islamic believers alone

It is true that when the topic of halal lifestyle came into the limelight, it was only focusing on Islamic believers. However, this has changed over time and now people fully understand what a halal lifestyle is all about. Halal lifestyle aims at promoting ethical coexistence and also fighting the moral decay in the society. Islamic financial institutions are opening their doors to non-Muslims who want to lead a value-driven life as well. With a lifestyle, we can eradicate most of the ills that are affecting us on a daily basis.

Halal lifestyle is all about food

If you type the word halal on most search engines, more than 90% of the results will be food-related. However, halal is more than just foods because it encompasses different aspects of life. Some of the major areas include finance, travel and the insurance industry. Other sectors will also come up in the future because people are learning about halal lifestyle on a daily basis. The initial focus was on foods but it now encompasses other areas as well. There is also halal certification to ensure that consumers are not hoodwinked by cons in this brutal world.

Responsibility ends when you transact

Taking a loan from a conventional bank is different from an Islamic financial institution. In the former, no one will care about how you use the money as long you repay the loan and the interest. Islamic financial institutions have to determine how you use the money once they lend it to you. A halal lifestyle means that you care about your customers even after you have closed a transaction. You have to ensure that every activity you engage in drives the society forward.

Halal lifestyle is prohibitive

It is true life is short and most people just survive instead of living. When most people hear about a halal lifestyle, all they can think about are the things that are not allowed. ‘You should not do this and that’ always comes into mind which seems like prohibiting people from enjoying life. However, you should note that leading a halal lifestyle comes with a lot of benefits that overrides the prohibitions. A halal lifestyle is an answer to most of the injustices that are rocking the society at this moment. Just find what works for you because there are no universal principles in some sectors when it comes to leading a halal lifestyle.

Understanding some of these myths can help most people understand what a halal lifestyle entails. It will take time before people fully understand what a halal lifestyle is all about and the benefits that come with it but we are on the right track.