22 May 2019

What Is A Halal Lifestyle?

In simple terms, lifestyle refers to the everyday way of life and this incorporates different standards, values and principles that we follow on a daily basis. It is what you adopt and prefers in life and it can be through choice, assimilation, imposition or imitation. Sometimes the kind of lifestyle you lead might be as a result of culture, background, living conditions or circumstances. Humans are prone to error and that is why we have some regulations that keep us in check. Leading a Halal lifestyle not only makes one observe the teachings of Islamic laws, but also contribute to the overall well-being of the society.

The word Halal is derived from Arabic language and it refers to something that is acceptable, allowable, permissible and/or permitted. When most people hear about Halal, all they can think about is food and consumables. However, Halal encompasses all aspects of life which brings us to a Halal lifestyle.

It thus means that everything that a person uses should be permissible according to the teachings of the Islamic religion. Halal lifestyle will thus encompass different aspects such as food and beverages, banking and finance, tourism, communication and marketing, jobs, pharmaceuticals, technology, cosmetics and travel just to mention a few. We cannot cover all aspects of a Halal lifestyle because the topic is very broad. Let us just cover a few of them

Halal marketing

Islamic finance is among the fastest growing sectors of finance and this accounts for the high adoption rate even by non-Muslims. Marketing is an important function if you want other people to know that you have products for sale. However, we as humans tend to be greedy and misrepresent what we are selling to our potential consumers. Areas of concern include the content of the product, packaging, pricing and delivery timelines. Halal marketing should be truthful and highlight all the areas as per the Islamic teachings and the local laws. Do not market products that are Haram as this contributes to decay in the society.

Halal financing

Not too long ago, we covered various types of Islamic Financial Products that are on the market today. For a product to qualify to be ranked as an Islamic product, it has to be Halal. Such products will not finance Haram ventures such as gambling businesses and those that sell liquor. The financial institution takes due diligence to investigate the investment before advancing financing to a potential client.

Halal tourism

Most people think about foreigners when they hear the word tourism. Contrary to this, tourism encompasses both local and foreigners who visit a place to enjoy the scenery. So, the big question is, what does Halal has to do with tourism? It is simple because Halal is all about alleviating poverty and creating a moral society. The tourism destination and hotels should not sell Haram products such as alcohol, have gambling spots or serve Haram foods. Some tourism agencies are taking Halal terms into consideration and thus providing products geared towards a Halal lifestyle.

There are other areas such as technology that also needs exploration. Halal is also finding its way on emerging technologies such as the Blockchain and cryptocurrencies and opening a lot of opportunities as well. Understanding and observing some of the above concepts will help you lead a Halal lifestyle.