Bringing ethical microfinance to Africa

Medina Ethical Finance is a Pan-African Islamic Microfinance Digital Banking Platform that aspires to offer a truly unique, self-service, digital, halal compliant, financial service experience. In order to deliver a cost-effective ethical service to our clients in Africa. we have created a unique ecosystem including existing banking infrastructure such as ATMs, existing mobile payment infrastructure, established global payment entities (Visa/MasterCard), Fintech and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) across Africa. Medina offers a range of halal banking services, among which are deposits, savings, financial leasing, and equity-based financing, Housing solutions and electronic payments. All the products and services will be offered exclusively through mobile banking, mobile agents and agencies.


Our Vision

A word beyond financial inclusion

Medina’s vision is to enable meaningful and empowering financial inclusion for all those in search of fairness and ethical practices in financial transactions regardless of their faith.

Medina is founded on the belief that the principles for conducting business and providing financing outlined in the Koran and the Hadith are a solid ethical and moral ground for building inclusive and fair financial services.

Medina aims to build ETHICAL communities worldwide, that share the same values of equality, fairness and compassion in the conduct of business.

Our mission

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« Every day, everywhere, we offer our technology and financial expertise to give life to our client partner's dreams »

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