strategic partners

United Labs is a New York-based venture studio that builds data-driven solutions and high impact ventures in the Technology, Media and Telecom sectors. With a presence in five countries and a staff of 30 engineers and software developers, United Labs is committed to driving social impact through financial technology, data science, Big Data and AI. The company’ solutions are inclusive technology platforms that contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals such as poverty reduction, good health, decent work and economic growth. United Labs provides technology and advisory services to a wide range of customers, including financial institutions, venture capitalists, telecom operators and government agencies. United Labs is the operational arm of United Global Ventures, an international venture builder and consortium that helps advance inclusive economies through network economics and a proprietary venture studio model.

Through the partnership, Medina Islamic Finance will leverage machine learning and data science to further enhance its Microfinance Digital Banking Platform. United Labs will initially provide Medina Islamic Finance with access to Artificial Intelligence technology and automated local language customer support systems that will accelerate Medina’s underwriting while improving customer support.

Medina is in a partnership will Yielders in order to launch a Property Crowdfunding solution in the next 6 months in Africa. Here is a brief description of the company:
“Yielders is a property based Equity Crowd Funding. Utilising the latest online technologies, with automated workflows, we will be a market leader in innovation in the industry. Our first innovation is bringing a fully integrated proposition with investment selection, acquisition, value creation, and placement on to the platform to crowd investors. acquisition, value creation, and placement on to the platform to crowd investors.”

MEDINA has signed an advisory agreement with GATEWAY ISLAMIC ADVISORY LLP in orders to assist on all Corporate legal matters including compliance. Bellow is a brief description of Gateway.
“Gateway provides world-class professional services to address a wide range of challenges encountered by diverse clients throughout the Islamic economy. Our professionals have extensive experience in law, banking, finance, management consultancy, private equity, accountancy, financial technology, and regulation.
Gateway distinguishes itself by having bound its partners and consultants to a code of conduct, aimed at keeping us mindful of God and the Islamic values in how we interact with one another, with our clients, third parties, and the way we deliver our work.”

retail merchants and distributors

Le réseau MAKITI, fort d’une équipe multiculturelle, représente avec dévouement ses membres auprès des fabricants et fournisseurs internationaux. Nous assurons la bonne prise en compte de vos besoins et vous offrons la possibilité de bénéficier de conditions commerciales avantageuses. Ensemble nous vous permettons de minimiser vos coûts et d’étendre votre impact sur le continent.