Our partners

To offer you the best technological innovations in complete safety, we surround ourselves with solid partners whose expertise is well established.


The SOLAGEO Clean Energy Products Marketplace is an initiative of Trade Without Borders, a global social enterprise that is committed to, as its slogan states, Sustainable Development Through Inclusive TradeaTHE company's ultimate objective is to enable Small and Medium Clean Energy Enterprises operating within under-served communities in Developing Asia, Africa, and Latin America to more easily gain access to quality, affordable and appropriate clean energy products that can improve the daily livelihoods within their communities. Trade without Border entered a partnership with Medina Ethical Finance in order to provide financing for a pay as you go clean energy solutions in Africa.


Yielders is a crowdinvesting property platform that gives you easy access to the UK property market and allows its customers to earn competitive returns. The company operates with an ethical investment model that excludes mortgage, interest, debt, or hidden fees, which means that clients can grow your wealth without compromising on their values. Medina signed a partnership agreement to integrate the Yielder's model in the Medina Business Model.

Medina partnership program

We are always open to partnership proposals. If you think your product / service meets the values ​​of Medina Finance, please do not hesitate to contact us.